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2004-02-19 05:32 UTC Dreams and stuff

I had a very cool dream last night. I was a samurai and I was fighting someone from a Kenshin episode we watched last night. I recall that it was a tough fight but I dodged a strong attack and when they were off balance I sliced into their back/left-hand side. They then continued to try and fight so I chopped off both their hands. That pretty much ended it. It felt very real though, the weight of the sword, the resistance of cutting through flesh...just like the good old days.

In unrelated news, the DDR is on hold. New laptop and hard days at work are to thank for that. I'm intent that it will return. How soon I wonder? Booked some holiday from work for mid March too. Claire and I will have nearly a couple of weeks off together and so far have little idea of what to do with it. Hopefully it will be fun. I've also spent money this month. Bought pretty much the last of the stuff I've ever wanted. A shiny wireless laptop, cool Dualit toaster, cool Global knifeblock (now with 7 knives) and...not much else. The kitchen now has less workspace but more cool toys that look very nice. Only 3 knives and a sharpening steel to go. Gotta catch em all.

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