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2004-02-19 05:26 UTC Newton on life

I'm starting to realise that I have a capacity for life. A fairly fixed capacity (though slightly dependent upon my mood) that affects what I do and how I feel. Right now I feel lousy because I lost at pool today, but more than that...I'm not as good as I was last month. In the last month i've been devoting my time to a variety of stuff...some cool cooking, lots of playing with laptop etc. How does the extra stuff affect the other stuff? Is it just lack of concentration or is there more to it?

Lets put this in terms for my readership. I will give myself a new character stat... Life points (LP). Right now I feel like I have maybe 12/62 LP. Not too many. When I have maximum LP, I gain +5 to all my abilities. When I have nearly zero LP, I gain a -10 to all my abilities and it varies in between. Using/performing these abilities (such as cooking and playing pool) uses up my LP at a given rate and they are replenished at some slower rate.

Now everyone thinks that if you do too much then you get tired and can't concentrate...but we're also sometimes really good at shit when we're tired and really bad at it when we're not. I think it all relates to everything else you're doing..and not tiredness. I think when people have loads of important shit to do then they can temporarily increase their maximum LP but when it wears off...their LP take a real beating for a while so they colapse and do nothing for a few days. They aren't even capable of doing anything.

This neatly fits in with Newton. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. For everything you do, you can't do something else....and for everything you don't do, you will be able to do something else.

I think i'll get Mike to do a version of my LP theory in 11 dimensions. My theory also suggests that if our actions drain our LP differently, then our downtime will restore our LP differently. Maybe I can figure out what the best way to sit around doing nothing is and then be able to make myself better at everything else by monitoring it.

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