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2004-01-25 04:26 UTC AAA

Wooo. Today some of the hard DDR work that i've been putting in has paid off. I got a AAA score on a fairly difficult song. AAA is the *perfect* score. Only when you hit every step perfectly for a whole song do you achieve AAA. I could have got one on an easier song but I never wanted too. This was a proper song to do it on.

Last night we saw Lost in Translation. I thought it was a fairly cool film with some thought provoking but fairly dull stuff. I truly loved some sections of the film for the well portrayed insight into life in Tokyo...and some of the cinematics were just gorgeous. It just didn't seem to get anywhere though. Big kudos to the very sexy lead female though and the cool shots of Tokyo. They made it worth while.

After the movie I cooked some chinese. Beef with green pepper in black bean sauce. It got a vote of approval from both Claire and GwieF. I'm currently thinking about doing some chow mein for tonight or for lunch. Probably for tonight as i'm feeling a little lazy right now. It's all part of my continued drive to cook more chinese food and also to celebrate the chinese new year. This year is the year of the Monkey, the second since my birth. I am much more likely to believe I should have a good year when it's the same as my birth year than anything to do with the western zodiac. So yay for the Monkey.

Finally, i'm realising how little I need a desktop pc anymore at home. We have 3 sitting around the flat and whilst they get used, they could all be replaced by 2 laptops and a wireless router. This would mean much less space taken up by them, we could use them in the same room and they will be portable for trips. PC gaming is becoming less important to me. Console games are more frequent and even more cool. Occasionally a pc game will come along and rock my world...but it's really rare thesedays. The last one to actually do that was Quake3. I expect the next one to be Half-Life 2 or Doom3. I should still have a games machine by then...but i'm definitely heading more towards just getting a couple of laptops. It'll be sometime yet before this happens.

My current plan is: Move flat this summer. Buy furniture for flat. Buy cool toys for flat so it's a really nice place for us to live in. Spend several years enjoying flat and holidays whilst saving to own place. Buy a place, move cool furniture and toys into new place. Spend next few years adding cool features to new place and redecorating etc. I'm hoping that we'll have to move less frequently than many people as we don't intend to have kids. We won't suddenly need a 3-bed semi. Still...it's gonna be cool. I can't believe how excited I get when looking at NEFF kitchen appliances. 4 gas hobs and an extra one for a wok! How cool is that.

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