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2004-01-21 05:45 UTC Baka Noodles

I want to open a noodle bar in Bath. I want my noodle bar to be called "Baka Noodles". I want some plain minimalist chinese/japanese styling on the inside, a creative but cheap and quick menu with the option of buying take-away stuff in a cardboard tub with some chopsticks. Why don't we already have somewhere like this in Bath? It infuriates me that if I want to purchase some cooked noodles (non ready-meal) that I have to go into one of the restaurants in Bath and spend at least 6 or so...wait a while, and then sit and eat it.

The most tempting place to eat is Ocean Pearl, an all you can eat buffet place. I normally love the concept...but suddenly with my current eating plans, I don't want 378 plates of food. I just want 1. I won't require dessert or anything bad for me. What I really want is some noodles and beef...or noodles and chicken. A simple sauce is fine too. Maybe the plan is to find someone else who likes noodles...keep some bowls and chopsticks at work and then order a portion of noodles and a portion of meat from a take-away and then split it. It would probably cost about 3 quid each and be very nice and about the right amount. Still...it's a lot of hassle just for lunch.

So either someone had better start properly selling noodles around this place or i'm going to have to do it myself. I may need the backing of some crazy venture capitalists to do it though. If anyone out there feels the need to give me loads of money to open a noodle bar/take-away in Bath then i'd love to do it.

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