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2004-01-20 11:43 UTC Cravings and such

It's day 11. Essentially the hard work of today is done. I have eaten well, got much fruit and stuff and also done the exercise for today. However, I feel hungry. I have felt hungry all fucking day and having just eaten my evening meal I was really hoping for a little while with a satisfied belly.

I think for the first few days my body figured I couldnt find food...so it helped me out. The next few it just thought it was a phase and that I'd soon be eating 50 pies a day again. Today it has finally realised that i'm serious. I could sit in a room with practically no smells and it would convince me that I was outside a chippy. It's not funny. I'm having cravings for chips, chocolate and right now, pudding. I don't even care what pudding either.

There is very little obvious reward to my brain for what i'm doing. There is no twix every wednesday or cookie every friday. Maybe there should be. The calories would barely hurt, I'd probably feel more compelled to work them off anyway but I'd have it to look forward to. I guess what I really need to do is convince myself that there is no absence. I get great fruit everyday, a decent breakfast, a decent lunch and a good evening meal. I'm missing out on food which is not as good.

So why do I want a double decker? Answers on the back of an email.

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