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2004-01-16 07:41 UTC thinkGeek - The phantom t-shirt

Konnichiwa wuki fans! That's right folks, we're up to post 4. Soon I may be looking what Star Wars 6 is gonna be called.

ThinkGeek ARE sending me a replacement replacement t-shirt. They're determined that no matter what the cost, and even if they have to send me every t-shirt they have until it's the right one, that I will get my ph34r t-shirt. How's that for customer service? They have also sent word to the warehouse to sort out whatever it is that's going wrong. Aside from the evil import tax I was impressed at the value for money especially with the dollar so good for us right now. The value just keeps getting better and better. I think it could be some evil nafarious scheme from megatokyo.com to get the free advertising. A t-shirt on me is as good as a blimp....and they cost serious money.

In other news, the exercise and health continues. Today was the hardest morning yet, but then i'm not very good at Fridays, i'm only good at Friday afternoons. The weekend should be a productive one.

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