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2004-01-16 07:41 UTC thinkGeek - The phantom t-shirt

Konnichiwa wuki fans! That's right folks, we're up to post 4. Soon I may be looking what Star Wars 6 is gonna be called.

ThinkGeek ARE sending me a replacement replacement t-shirt. They're determined that no matter what the cost, and even if they have to send me every t-shirt they have until it's the right one, that I will get my ph34r t-shirt. How's that for customer service? They have also sent word to the warehouse to sort out whatever it is that's going wrong. Aside from the evil import tax I was impressed at the value for money especially with the dollar so good for us right now. The value just keeps getting better and better. I think it could be some evil nafarious scheme from megatokyo.com to get the free advertising. A t-shirt on me is as good as a blimp....and they cost serious money.

In other news, the exercise and health continues. Today was the hardest morning yet, but then i'm not very good at Fridays, i'm only good at Friday afternoons. The weekend should be a productive one.

2004-01-15 05:58 UTC The Return of thinkGeek

Though I started ripping off star wars for these blog names, I never thought I'd end up completing the trilogy of names. Lets hope this is it because i'm not sure how i'll get the clone wars etc into the title.

I got my replacement t-shirt today to much hilarity. Same wrong t-shirt. I've emailed them again, would be funny if they sent me another one though I doubt they will. It would be cheaper for them to just sponsor me and send me free stuff all the time soon. "Hi, i'm Phil "thinkgeek" Waring ... "

In sad news, today hasn't gone too well. I had an excellent work out this morning but due to some free drinks at the bar over lunch I had to grab a pasty on the way back. So it's been fruit but no smoothie...and a fairly unhealthy lunch. Oh well. The healthy living will continue after this short 2 hour intermission I guess. I'll work out extra long tonight to sort it all out.

2004-01-13 05:36 UTC Lazy Ducks

Well today is going well too. Did a short workout this morning before having breakfast and getting into work. It seems pretty easy to drag myself out of bed for some DDR. I even allow myself 10 minutes or so lying back on top of my bed afterwards which feels so much better having done the exercise than it did before. Food so far is similar to yesterday. It'll be 2 pears, a fruit smoothie and a Hoisin Duck Wrap. According to the wrapper, Ducks are naturally fat animals. I think they should swim a little more and eat a little less. They'd be helping me out. It was very tasty though and pretty healthy. Looking forward to my afternoon pear and a bit of DDR after work. I really think i'm gonna keep this up til the weekend which is my first goal.

2004-01-12 10:41 UTC DDR Diet breaks records!

This could well be the longest spell of continual daily exercise and thoughtful eating in a while. Today was the first working day of the diet, often a stumbling block. However I was up early and managed a selection of songs before and after breakfast. I had a balanced breakfast of "beans on toast" and then got to work. Lunch and work snacking consisted of lots of water, some mango (and other stuff) smoothie, 2 pears and a panini thing with mozzarrella and tomatoes. Dinner should be a simple pasta meal. The future of garlic bread in my eating is a tricky one. Though I do like it, I often find that it doesn't taste that great and its pretty bad for me. I may give it up and stick with my current consumption of naan bread. I refuse to give up any indian food, it's just so god damn nice. After work workout burned around 300 calories and some more may be done tonight, depending on movie watching and cooking. Not much more though as it's getting late. This is a promising start to the DDR Diet, my initial goal is really just to last til Friday. I'll take every week as it comes I think.

2004-01-11 03:47 UTC DDR Diet Notes 1

The DDR diet should be undertaken where possible on the ground floor. This will avoid the unfortunate death of anyone living below you. When this is not possible, play at reasonable times.

To stop your entheusiasm for the DDR Diet decreasing, attempt more difficult songs. When you start the DDR Diet (Which requires a games console, dance mat and a copy of a DDR game, and a tv, and the owner having legs...or arms I guess) you may find the dances difficult. Start off with the easy dances and progress up. When you are competent at doing any "3 foot" rated dance then progress onto the 4 foot dances. This is a significant increase in difficulty in my DDR game but with a little time and patience I hope to master the 4-foot dances and then continue to progress upwards.

There is a considerable benefit to be had from doing this with someone else. If you have any competitive nature between you then you will put the required effort into the dancing and improvement to keep getting better at the game.

My DDR Regime will consist of approximately 1 hour per day of dancing at weekends and 15-30 minutes od dancing per day. On weekdays dancing shall be undertaken before work (it's amazing how quickly I can go from zombie to fully awake when made to do a difficult dance straight out of bed) and then optionally some after work.

To increase the difficulty and improve the exercise undertaken I intend to purchase little wrist and ankle weights to wear whilst playing DDR.

Some of you may find this regime funny. Hilariously funny. I do too. However, in the future when people can pilot mechas you will find that the "historical documents" show people training for such things by exercising with weights and co-ordination (Gunbuster) and by co-ordinated dancemat training (Evangelion). Ok, so i'm not 14 ... i'm expecting the real world to be just slightly different.

My progress using the DDR Diet will be updated here as and when progress happens. I also appreciate that there really is very little "dieting" involved with the DDR diet. The name is really just there to sell the book when i'm a best selling author.

2004-01-11 03:24 UTC The Last Samurai

Went to see The Last Samurai last night. I'd avoided knowing anything about it except that it had a really good score on the IMDB. I loved it. I was very impressed at it's respect for Japanese culture and how they managed to avoid almost all the hollywood cliches that could have gone into it. There were a few in the overall plot but really not many. The cinematography reminded me in parts of Crouching Tiger due to the beautiful landscapes and surroundings. The acting and story reminded me much of some of Kurosawa's stuff. I don't think it got as much characterisation as Kurosawa used to, but then the action was that more exciting for the extended time given to it. The acting was also top notch. I will happily admit that it reduced me to a couple of tears more than once, though at incidental moments.

For the bloodthirsty sword lover in you there is a fair bit on offer. A fair bit of samurai training, fighting and small combat off the battlefield. In many ways stuff like this and Kill Bill are what I wanted to see at the cinema since I saw Highlander. The fact that this movie stars Tom Cruise may put a few people off. Don't let it. He plays his role wonderfully and never overshadows the place or the other characters, he just helps bring it all to life. This is immediately my favourite Tom Cruise movie.

So what are you doing still sitting there? Go see it!

2004-01-10 08:48 UTC thinkGeek strike back

I have a follow up to my earlier post. Think Geek sent me a wrong t-shirt in the order in place of another. It was a little annoying but the t-shirt they sent was pretty cool anyway so I emailed them to mention it and to say that I wouldn't return the shirt and that it wasn't a problem. They got back to me today to let me know that they'll send me the t-shirt I did order and that I could keep the one I got sent incorrectly by way of an appology. What cool people.

I am now suggesting that you all go shop at thinkgeek.com for cool t-shirts and other things. I am certainly happy with my new clothing and I feel that GwieF will be too. I'm even happier that i'll have 5 new t-shirts rather than just 4. Yay for geeks.

2004-01-10 07:38 UTC The DDR Diet

I watched a BBC1 show last night. Had Victoria Wood going on about fat people and the current human obsession with weight. The essential message of the show was "be happy with your fucking weight and stop paying the diet industry to get you out of a problem they created". Years ago people didn't feel bad if they were heavy...now people do. I don't worry about being a fat bastard. I took enough shit about it in school that by a really young age I was just happy to be the person I was. Stuff like that has made me into the happy person I am today and I'm almost entirely without a care in the world. I don't eat too much, I don't comfort eat either. I occasionally eat a couple of penguins because I like to indulge, but I don't shove them all down and then feel depressed. I do like to cook, but again I cook healthy food. I eat a fair bit but not stupid quantities. I could eat a little less but it's not the problem.

So I reckon all I have to do to get fit is to do some exercise and stick with my pretty sensible eating. I'm really really lazy and apathetic...this doesn't help. I also feel pretty happy in my body which doesn't help as it provides little motivation. The motivator is pretty much health. I do sometimes feel self-conscious but it's really fucking rare. I have no problem letting it all hang out in Greece etc as everyone else does. It's a different mindset in Europe, a much more comfortable one.

So health. Maybe it's time I lost some because it means I can live a bit longer and a bit easier. So we have "The DDR Diet". It involes eating whatever the fuck I like as long as I do lots of DDR everyday. I just have to discipline myself enough to do it everyday. We'll see how it goes. Videogames made me be this way...can they save me? Sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer..

2004-01-07 11:30 UTC Cashback

A follow up to the earlier post, I got a phonecall today from UPS. I don't remember the exact conversation but it was something like "Hello Sir, your package has just entered the UK. Please could you drop your trousers so we could repeatedly fuck you in the ass for some Import Tax and VAT. Would you like to do it now or with the delivery man?

I don't mind, it just always seems to god damn expensive. It's not like I can buy the damn t-shirts in the UK. I'm not fucking outsourcing to India either.

2004-01-07 05:29 UTC thinkGeek

I have orders coming! Everyone seems to get excited when they have packages coming for them and I am too. I have a small share in an Amazon delivery which should arrive for someone at work this week or next. It will contain an item I can't recall, a couple of gardening books by Alan Titchmarsh and "Kagemusha", Akira Kurosawa's epic movie on dvd. I don't need to say what my share is.

Even better than this is an order from thinkgeek.com. They sell all sorts of cool stuff and t-shirts etc. I see the banner from wwdn everytime i'm reading it and I finally got around to putting an order in. I've also ordered several items for Claire and for GwieF. That is currently in a plane crossing to the UK I believe. Thanks go to UPS for far too much information about where your package is. How long til individual packages have transmitters on them and we can see exactly where they are? That would be cool, if not mostly pointless.

Yay for orders. Even though I know they won't be here today, i'm still going to watch for delivery vans in anticipation. I bet they don't turn up for months now. Bastards.

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