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2004-01-15 05:58 UTC The Return of thinkGeek

Though I started ripping off star wars for these blog names, I never thought I'd end up completing the trilogy of names. Lets hope this is it because i'm not sure how i'll get the clone wars etc into the title.

I got my replacement t-shirt today to much hilarity. Same wrong t-shirt. I've emailed them again, would be funny if they sent me another one though I doubt they will. It would be cheaper for them to just sponsor me and send me free stuff all the time soon. "Hi, i'm Phil "thinkgeek" Waring ... "

In sad news, today hasn't gone too well. I had an excellent work out this morning but due to some free drinks at the bar over lunch I had to grab a pasty on the way back. So it's been fruit but no smoothie...and a fairly unhealthy lunch. Oh well. The healthy living will continue after this short 2 hour intermission I guess. I'll work out extra long tonight to sort it all out.

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