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2004-01-12 10:41 UTC DDR Diet breaks records!

This could well be the longest spell of continual daily exercise and thoughtful eating in a while. Today was the first working day of the diet, often a stumbling block. However I was up early and managed a selection of songs before and after breakfast. I had a balanced breakfast of "beans on toast" and then got to work. Lunch and work snacking consisted of lots of water, some mango (and other stuff) smoothie, 2 pears and a panini thing with mozzarrella and tomatoes. Dinner should be a simple pasta meal. The future of garlic bread in my eating is a tricky one. Though I do like it, I often find that it doesn't taste that great and its pretty bad for me. I may give it up and stick with my current consumption of naan bread. I refuse to give up any indian food, it's just so god damn nice. After work workout burned around 300 calories and some more may be done tonight, depending on movie watching and cooking. Not much more though as it's getting late. This is a promising start to the DDR Diet, my initial goal is really just to last til Friday. I'll take every week as it comes I think.

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