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2004-01-11 03:24 UTC The Last Samurai

Went to see The Last Samurai last night. I'd avoided knowing anything about it except that it had a really good score on the IMDB. I loved it. I was very impressed at it's respect for Japanese culture and how they managed to avoid almost all the hollywood cliches that could have gone into it. There were a few in the overall plot but really not many. The cinematography reminded me in parts of Crouching Tiger due to the beautiful landscapes and surroundings. The acting and story reminded me much of some of Kurosawa's stuff. I don't think it got as much characterisation as Kurosawa used to, but then the action was that more exciting for the extended time given to it. The acting was also top notch. I will happily admit that it reduced me to a couple of tears more than once, though at incidental moments.

For the bloodthirsty sword lover in you there is a fair bit on offer. A fair bit of samurai training, fighting and small combat off the battlefield. In many ways stuff like this and Kill Bill are what I wanted to see at the cinema since I saw Highlander. The fact that this movie stars Tom Cruise may put a few people off. Don't let it. He plays his role wonderfully and never overshadows the place or the other characters, he just helps bring it all to life. This is immediately my favourite Tom Cruise movie.

So what are you doing still sitting there? Go see it!

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