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2004-01-10 08:48 UTC thinkGeek strike back

I have a follow up to my earlier post. Think Geek sent me a wrong t-shirt in the order in place of another. It was a little annoying but the t-shirt they sent was pretty cool anyway so I emailed them to mention it and to say that I wouldn't return the shirt and that it wasn't a problem. They got back to me today to let me know that they'll send me the t-shirt I did order and that I could keep the one I got sent incorrectly by way of an appology. What cool people.

I am now suggesting that you all go shop at thinkgeek.com for cool t-shirts and other things. I am certainly happy with my new clothing and I feel that GwieF will be too. I'm even happier that i'll have 5 new t-shirts rather than just 4. Yay for geeks.

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