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2004-01-10 07:38 UTC The DDR Diet

I watched a BBC1 show last night. Had Victoria Wood going on about fat people and the current human obsession with weight. The essential message of the show was "be happy with your fucking weight and stop paying the diet industry to get you out of a problem they created". Years ago people didn't feel bad if they were heavy...now people do. I don't worry about being a fat bastard. I took enough shit about it in school that by a really young age I was just happy to be the person I was. Stuff like that has made me into the happy person I am today and I'm almost entirely without a care in the world. I don't eat too much, I don't comfort eat either. I occasionally eat a couple of penguins because I like to indulge, but I don't shove them all down and then feel depressed. I do like to cook, but again I cook healthy food. I eat a fair bit but not stupid quantities. I could eat a little less but it's not the problem.

So I reckon all I have to do to get fit is to do some exercise and stick with my pretty sensible eating. I'm really really lazy and apathetic...this doesn't help. I also feel pretty happy in my body which doesn't help as it provides little motivation. The motivator is pretty much health. I do sometimes feel self-conscious but it's really fucking rare. I have no problem letting it all hang out in Greece etc as everyone else does. It's a different mindset in Europe, a much more comfortable one.

So health. Maybe it's time I lost some because it means I can live a bit longer and a bit easier. So we have "The DDR Diet". It involes eating whatever the fuck I like as long as I do lots of DDR everyday. I just have to discipline myself enough to do it everyday. We'll see how it goes. Videogames made me be this way...can they save me? Sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer..

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