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2004-01-07 05:29 UTC thinkGeek

I have orders coming! Everyone seems to get excited when they have packages coming for them and I am too. I have a small share in an Amazon delivery which should arrive for someone at work this week or next. It will contain an item I can't recall, a couple of gardening books by Alan Titchmarsh and "Kagemusha", Akira Kurosawa's epic movie on dvd. I don't need to say what my share is.

Even better than this is an order from thinkgeek.com. They sell all sorts of cool stuff and t-shirts etc. I see the banner from wwdn everytime i'm reading it and I finally got around to putting an order in. I've also ordered several items for Claire and for GwieF. That is currently in a plane crossing to the UK I believe. Thanks go to UPS for far too much information about where your package is. How long til individual packages have transmitters on them and we can see exactly where they are? That would be cool, if not mostly pointless.

Yay for orders. Even though I know they won't be here today, i'm still going to watch for delivery vans in anticipation. I bet they don't turn up for months now. Bastards.

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