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Where the fuck did the last few weeks go? Now I remember...I bought Star Wars: Galaxies and then played it for a few weeks. Interesting and fun game, though in many respects a little too much like real life.

Around the new year was a pretty slovenly time for me. A tapas night did occur where much lovely tapas was cooked by a small group of us (work friends and partners) which was then followed by some ultimate jenga. This is like jenga, except that it's fucking insane because you've eaten too much tapas, had some wine and everyone is pulling out a miracle brick until the thing is a fecking huge. Kudos to Lilly for putting in more effort and concentration into anything than any tired, drunken person that i've seen before.

Work has started all over again this week. I finished a project before christmas and this Monday saw me joining another one, a project i've spent much time on in the past. It's one of the few places where I can have a proper clue what's going on a mere half-hour after starting on the project. It's kinda nice to be back and be around people again. The world seems fairly lame without wookies though. One day we'll have wookies. We'd fucking better. What's the point of science if not to make wookies?

Oh, as the title suggests i'm also really into the darts this week, following nearly every match going on at the lakeside. I'm a big fan of Barney and hopefully he'll get the job done. I've never watched it all from the 1st round before so I guess this will be a new low for me..

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