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2003-12-25 07:04 UTC Merry Christmas

It seems that even I, with my lack of christmas spirit, am still not immune from making a merry christmas post. Well there you go.

Christmas Eve was once again lots of fun. I didn't actually take 27 or so minutes to type that post yesterday, Karl turned up in my office early and we went to the pub shortly after. We had finished all our work so there wasn't much use waiting. Turned out that we were last to leave the pub having been in there for around 6 hours. Went back to his place, Matt (his neighbour and my office co-inmate) joined us for a while and Adam and Lilly also turned up for the evening. A curry feast was had, some sobering up was done and we all watched Back to the Future on dvd. Nice.

Today has been a pretty relaxed day. Some tidying, movie and tv watching and there's more to follow, probably with cooking later. This is the first day of about 10 days off in a row for me. Haven't had any holiday since mid August so it's going to be a real pleasure. Oh yes! I can sort out the flat, go sale shopping, renew my love of games, movies and cooking ... and maybe even get bored and blog and probably do a little work on the site.

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