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2003-12-24 04:08 UTC Work End

The following 27 minutes will be the last 27 minutes of my working year. I say working though right now I am indeed blogging. Servers have been shut down and work has ground to a halt. I also leave my current project today, starting on a new one on the first day back after the break. I've had a somewhat tough 8 weeks or so on this project but it's been a learning experience and certainly a kick to my brain that it sometimes needs to think really hard. I've also met a few nice people over here and now know almost everybody who works on the projects that I seem to go around.

Once I leave my desk, I will walk over the road to grab a drink on the free bar and then most likely not leave for quite some time. I will hopefully take a short break at some point to grab some lunch from town before returning to the pub for more free drinks. I was the last out of the free bar last year, lets see if I can do it again this year. I'm not really in it for the drinking, just the having fun and chatting.

Anyway, to the pub....

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