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2003-12-23 14:20 UTC Apathy is king

I really like posting on my weblog. I'm just about to do something i'm complaining at someone else about. Discuss a topic with my _entire_ readership and then blog about it. Who knows. I guess this place is like a column, almost like that stupid bint in sex and the city. She has glimpses of ideas in life and during conversations and then the column is like a "expand and contrast" essay thing where you really get behind the issue. In this case the issue is my apathy. I enjoy the creative writing that is my weblog. I never really saw it as "creative writing" before Wil Wheaton started putting his in books, and occasionally someone reads one of my posts and finds it pretty funny. I like that. Why do I never fucking post? Gaaaah.

If I set aside a time of day for blogging then I think i'd be blogging for the wrong reasons. This isn't a place to put up what I had for breakfast everyday. Many people use them for that (i'm looking at you, yes you, the users of livejournal here) but I don't want to look back on my life/journal as a collection of breakfasts. Life is more than that. I want this to be a collection of thoughts and quirky memories that are essentially my day to day journey through life. Hmm, I like that idea. Maybe the daily thing would actually inspire me to write though, as long as I contain it to not talking shite.

I once mentioned that we all have problems blogging. Hixie naturally said he doesn't. He does indeed blog more often than me, much of it we don't even get through the first paragraph of. Well, Xiven probably does. Tom has pictures of big mowers, Kam has teddy bears and I have vinegar and knives. I read our blogs several times a day, maybe we'd all find them more fun if we posted on a daily (or nearly daily basis).

So this is my post and posts. Nice eh? Well lets see if this kicks it all off. I should really fix my pingback thing but now so isn't the time. It'll go wrong, i'll forget how to update my blog and Hixie will lecture me on my own stupidity and the wonder that is my job title of Phil Waring, Senior Programmer.

Begin Cliche. Music - Soundgarden. Mood - quizzzical. T-shirt - El Hazard godesses. Thing at eye level - GTA Vice City OST. Interesting thing I did today - Didn't cook mexican, would have been 3 days running. Bad thing I did today - Ate too much garlic bread cus it's date was due and Claire ordered too much and we used it up. Plans for tomorrow - Wooo, christmas eve. FREE BAR. End Cliche.

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