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2003-10-12 11:35 UTC Beef Beef

Yet again it's ages since i posted. Do'h. Trying to embrace the weekends will cooking cool stuff, done really good lasagnes and currys in the last few weekends. This time it was chicken enchiladas (using a pre-bought sauce though) and tonight it's chinese food, Beef with green peppers in black bean sauce with noodles and prawn crackers. Only the prawn crackers are predone, everything else i'm cooking myself. It's not hard, but i'm not experienced in doing it. Fun though. First time in my life i've cooked with beef that hasn't been minced. Heh.

My other plan for this week is to do a curry and maybe cook sag alu with it. Potatoes with spinach as a side dish. I love sag alu so much...I just need to cook it myself. I might end up cooking for my family in a few weeks when I head home. A nice big curry and some sag alu would do the trick. Sweet, just found a recipe for it. I think i'll pick a night for a curry extravaganza this week.

Presuming I have a bit more cash this month i've been trying to figure out a good celebratory present to myself. There have been almost none of these of late. Everything has been sensible and functional. It's good that it has been like this, but I could spring for something wild :). Currently in the running is a big global chef's knife, a global knife block, a gameboy advance sp, a new dvd player (old one dying), an apple ipod and ... err....that might be it. Please vote by telling me which one I should get.

Hmm, time for me to go chop some stuff up, get cooking and watch some snooker. God damn I know how to live.

Note: the last previous entry in this thing was a test from my phone to see if i could blog from it. I now can due to opera releasing a new version of the web browser I use from it. Hurrah.

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