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2003-09-20 18:28 UTC Nobody fucks with the Jesus

The Big Lebowski owns all tonight. For it is king!

Tonight was poker night. It's now 2.20am and i'm really tired. I'm not totally drunk but i am pretty pissed. For once we got everyone to agree to 5 per game each. Two games, 6 people, then 7. Prizes split between the top few. I took Claire along which was cool, we didn't think we'd do as well if she played for cash but it was all some fun. Turned out that I won the first game and she came second, then I got a bad run in the second game, crashed on the sofa and watched the big lebowski...and Claire won the second game. Bloody marvelous.

The other great part of the evening was the White Russians. A white russian is part vodka, part Kaluha and part Milk. Kaluha is a coffee liquer and i'm no friend to coffee....but the dude drinks it...therefore I must drink it. I'd never tried Kaluha but I bought a bottle and Karl had vodka and milk at his place (home to this poker night). He made me one....and it was fucking great. Soooo nice. I intended to drink slow and play well. This worked for the first game of poker. Then I drank two more, but they were at least twice the size of the first each. Lots of vodka...lots of kaluha. I didn't care though cus it was so amazingly nice. It didn't help me in the second game though. Shit...how can i still touch-type? Bit of a drunken walk home with the very heavy poker chips. Managed though. One of the ultimate evenings of recent times though. Lots of socialising, drinking, Big Lebowski watching and poker winning. I patiently await Mike to phone me in the morning (having left Durham for London/Gilford and a PhD) so I can try and remember what the fuck happened. I also really remember a dream I had last night...i'd like to share it with you but I really need to finish this pint of orange squash and then crawl in bed. Bed will be spinning tonight. I've also got "the dude on acid" scene stuck in my head so i might have dreams of rugs, flying and bowling tonight. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

All your poker-chips are belong to the dude.

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