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2003-08-24 07:10 UTC Old Times

Yesterday was a very cool day. Mike's birthday was Friday and whilst spending several days back home with his parents he took time out for a day trip to Bath. He was also bringing Angelique (his girlfriend since early this year) along for the ride. Much like when I first met Weez a few weeks ago, I'd never met Angelique before. They turned up just before midday, we all headed off to Caffe Piazza for drinks, too much food (I ordered Lasagne and some Bruschetta on the side only to get the worlds biggest Lasagne AND a the side dish) and good conversation. Lou also turned up and fun was had by all. We then went on to sit in the park with crazy milkshakes from shake-away (I had Pineapple, Coconut and Lime mmmmmmm) then more walking. Lou had to head off, we did some birthday shopping (Mike hadn't found a cd for me so he got me the Pizza Express cookery book...coolness) and we sat down in the Boater for drinks. We were joined at some point by Dave, Paul the Hat and Paul's sister. More talking ensued and we headed off around 6. Mike and Angelique had to grab a train and we had stuff to do. We considered watching Pirates of the Caribbean but put it off til today, in 2 hours time. Eeek.

So anyway, I got a photo of Mike and Angelique somewhere, I should probably find it now so I can include it in this entry.

Mike and Angelique in Bath

Oh, I forgot to mention Mike has been growing his hair a bit again. He also doesn't appreciate many many comments that it is sooooo 80's.

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