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2003-08-24 05:50 UTC The Dark Side

Playing through Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic whilst being evil proved to be far too much fun. Being light is cool but being dark is far cooler. All the powers are just totally nasty and every asshole in the universe gets what is coming to him, no being nice to keep the peace. As your own party consists mostly of people who want to do good when you do finally declare your intentions to join the dark side, some of them aren't best pleased. This was probably my favourite and most evil gaming memory from recent times. You can probably guess what happened to anyone who wouldn't join me.

The game is fairly linear in that the overall locations and story are much the same if you're good or evil. How you solve problems or deal with people changes the subquests, but not the overall quest. This didn't suprise me but a little more branching might have been nice. I'd still play the light side the first time through the game probably...but the dark side is more fun. Much more fun.

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