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2003-08-12 13:36 UTC Bon Voyage

We are shortly to be heading off on our trip to Skiathos. I'm sure people will have travelled to Australia quicker than we're getting to Skiathos. Oh well. We leave the flat around 10pm. Train at 11pm getting to Reading at Midnight. 1.30am coach from Reading to Gatwick, arriving around 3.30am. We then wait for around 5 hours for the check-in desk to open. We check-in. We then wait 3 hours for our flight at 11.50am local time. This is around a 3.5 hour flight with a +2 time zone difference so we arrive at around 5.30pm. This is around 20 hours if you ignore the time difference. You might be able to drive to greece quicker if you had a really fast car. Hell, at 200mph you could cover 4000 miles which is probably easily enough to get to greece. Ok, so we're going to an island...maybe they could set up a ramp.

Anyway, this is it. I can't actually blog from my phone due to opera sucking (bad Hixie) so the next will either be internet cafe related or just when I return. Seeya later insurance girls!

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