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2003-08-12 02:34 UTC Holiday!

Finally my wishes have come true this year. Well, partly anyway. I wanted a holiday and i'm getting a holiday. We booked one at the weekend and the flight leaves tomorrow morning. We've got a shitty deal with the train tickets and trains we have to catch there and back but we should be fine. The main arse is the journey there and we'll have forgotton about that once we hit the beach.

We're flying out to the greek island of Skiathos for a week. Our hotel will be allocated on arrival so we have no idea where we will be staying, we do know the whole island is nice though, hopefully we'll get somewhere relaxing with a pool and some nice views. No idea. I just want to get away, I don't care where it takes me. This holiday was brought to you by the letters : "e" "g" "g" and the numbers : #### #### #### #### (my credit card digits). Hopefully Claire will get a job when we get back. No major concerns just yet though.

Anyway, this is probably goodbye for a week or so and hopefully I will return with comedy photos and interesting stories. More likely just a little sunburn and a cold. Bah.

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