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2003-08-08 06:00 UTC Taxi Driver

Last night as usual was Thursday night pool. The poor turn out due to rugby training continued and left just 2 of us headed out for some. We ended up in Lambrettas, probably the only European style bar in Bath. The place has a nice atmosphere and a pretty good pool table (apart from one cushion). Shortly after we were joined by loads of Thursday night pool regulars. My initial pool was fairly shit but I pulled myself through the lack of concentration/confidence and started playing pretty well after a few hours. I still don't think i'll be very impressive this month in the league though. Anyway, we were having fun. Around 8pm a random guy put a little cash down on the table and grabbed a seat in the corner whilst we finished our games. I originally thought he wanted to play with some friends but it turned out he was after a bit of fun and really just wanted to play doubles with us.

His story went as follows: He was a taxi driver from London, he'd been living there for 12 years after moving from East Africa. He was in Bath because he'd driven a few people over for the 3 Tenors Concert in Victoria Park...and he got 300 for taking them (we're in the wrong business). He'd just gone in what looked to be a friendly bar for a little rest and relaxation and wanted a bit fun. In all truth he could have taken a little money off us if we were of a betting nature...but we aren't the kind to bet and he wasn't the kind to take money from us. He was one of the most friendly people i've ever seen, the biggest smile ever...the kind that seems to give the impression that he's actually grateful for life...something you don't see much in England. Back to the point, he could have taken our cash because I believe he was considerably better than us at pool. It's always difficult to judge someone using a house cue on an unfamiliar table but we were very suprised at his talent. We assumed he played in some kind of league in London but it was mainly just with friends on weekends. After trouncing us in the first game I think he relaxed a little and got a bit more value for money out of the games....realising that we didn't take our Thursday pool very seriously. I merely recall the last game of 3 we played with him where I hit a very tough back double followed by an immense black to actually beat him in a game. I was a little inspired by his style and it brought out two of the only good shots I really played all evening. Anyway, his name was Samuel (pronounced Sam-Well) and he was cool. If I ever need a taxi to halfway across the country from London, i'll be sure to look him up.

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