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2003-08-06 05:59 UTC "I need a vacation"

You'll note today's title comes from Terminator 2....right at the end of it. Top film. I saw Terminator 3 over the weekend but i'd best not mention it...i've ranted quite a lot about it this week. I think my main point is that it should never have been made....and certainly not made like that. It was fun, but it wasn't anywhere close to the other 2 films. Someone needs to explain to that director the meaning of the word "tension". Twat.

So anyway, this week brings many things to my mind. I just bought the 3rd series of the sopranos on dvd for 25 quid. Bargain. I'm tempted to think FOPP got a little confused with their pricing. Still, saves me around 30-40 quid on it and I really wanted it. As I mentioned in my previous post, Claire is away all week in Swanage with her family. It's a bit of a weird experience for me as our two families treat us a little differently. My side treats us like an adult married couple. Her side varies between that and treating us as their daughter and her boyfriend. I'm not a fan of the latter. Over the next few years this will entirely change, I have no doubt in this. Everyone at some stage will begin to see their family as equals and not parents. At the same time her family will treat her more as an independent woman. I remain my right to treat her as a child though, as she does towards me. I am intent on remaining childish til the day I die....because it's fun. What's the point if there's no fun?

Hmmm, what else. I've been totally engrossed with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on xbox. Superb game. Absolutely superb. It's got my mind back towards gaming. Half-life 2 is getting closer and closer to the shop shelves and it's looking mighty fine. I need to start making use of my broadband connection for proper gaming. If only everyone had broadband.

Tom is still in one piece after a nasty motorbike accident. Some prick in a van pulled out into a main road he was riding down and he went straight into the side of the van. Woke up in hostpital. He's now back home, a week later with some metal pins in his wrist, a cast over it and hopefully well covered for damages to his bike, other stuff and maybe a little to himself. He's covered for a while at work and from any loan repayments so it's not too bad a deal. His arm hurts and it might take a while for it to get back to normal and maybe he'll never be able to throw knives as well as I can....but the thing I learned from all this is that he's still alive...and thats pretty cool. Yay tom.

Hmm, about time i was being productive. Not much to do right now but I should so _something_. Maybe i'll do some stuff and also consider Mike's upcoming London/Bath tripping and possible holidays and also getting next Monday off work so I can have a long weekend reunion with Claire. I think we were supposed to meet with Tom and Weez (his girlfriend) for chinese in Bath sometime soon....he probably can't use chopsticks left-handed though. Maybe we can spoon feed-him noodles.

Cats, four pounds, la la la la la la laaaa.

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