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2003-08-06 05:35 UTC Adventures of a curious cat

There's a little black and white cat which lives by us. In the last week the cat has ventured into our flat more and more. On monday it fell asleep on me whilst I was watching tv and last night it stayed for a while until I got a phonecall and it got bored and wandered off. The trademarks of this cat are extreme loudness and generally a sensitivity to EVERYTHING. If something moves in mexico...this cat notices. It's easily startled.

The cat didn't endear itself to me last night. I had a fair bit of trouble sleeping due to the excessive hotness of the world and was quite enjoying the sleep I did get. At around 3.45am something woke me up, I had no idea what. I then heard something come into my room and looked up just in time to see the cat jump onto my chest of drawers and smack the box of cat food off it. It then jumped down onto the floor and started eating that which had fallen out. The cat stayed around for about 20 minutes before presumably wandering off again. I then struggled to sleep. I had the music from this animation stuck in my head. Mostly "hats for clowns.....la la la la la la laaaa". It just kept going around and around in my head. I see that this could become a permanent problem for my sleeping. Not sure. So anyway...BAD KITTY! I still hope it comes back tonight, it's been keeping me amused whilst Claire's on holiday with her family.

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