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2003-07-21 05:56 UTC Hixie types/thinks too much

Hixie thinks too much. This is pretty much a fact. I believe it's a trait of the common physicist. I know mike was one of the most subtly paranoid people i've ever met, I'm a fairly paranoid person (with a huge tendency to over-analyse) and Ian definitely qualifies for the over-analysing. Not sure if he's paranoid...though his recent blog entry gives that a big thumbs up.

I do find it amusing that he can't actually get the url right for Nadia. BarbedWire would be the actual stuff people put around fences...where barbwired would be the amusing web address. Foo'.

Anyway, I'd like to think I could get ridof half my readers by posting something on here but I think I only have about 7 readers and that's on a really good day...so I either need to lose a reader or gain one. Hmmm.

Some guy is cutting down a tree outside my office window. I'm tempted to close the window but I know how futile it would be considering the sheer volume of sound his saw is making. Looks like I need to get some loud music on pronto.

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