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2003-07-19 09:51 UTC Hair today gone tomorrow

I'll try and split my blogging today into a few posts. I've actually got some stuff to blog. Firstly is this one as Tom is sitting on msn asking me to put it up, besides I love any excuse to put pics up in my weblog.

He had his haircut today and I happened to be around for some before and after shots. We went in shopping and met him for a drink before the chop. It's been far too long since I actually saw him rather than looking at him riding by on his bike or just chatting on msn. Yay for us.



I actually think his hair looks superb now...very cool with the beard too though it'll look even better without it. We know who to blame that it's still on...yes...you! (well not you obviously, unless you're the actual person responsible then YES...YOU!)

Ok, that's done. I can get on with any other blogging, or perhaps getting ready for this evening's entertainment.

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