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2003-06-30 06:02 UTC Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire

There is a new take-away outlet in Bath. It has replaced a little place called "The Sushi Guy." Fear not though, sushi is not lost. I believe it to be run by the same guy, just with new food and new styling. The name of the place is "Fuel".

I went along at lunch today and purchased what I believe to be the biggest lump of lunch I have ever eaten. A burrito filled with the joys of cheese, sour cream, sticky rice, chicken, veg, refried beans etc etc. It was huuuuge and very tasty. It was also very healthy. It all came at the reasonable price of 3.75. I would imagine they cost less in Mexico, but hopefully they taste better here. Fuel also sells Fajitas and Sushi. I think it's fantastic that we have a place like this in town. It's an equivalent price to a crappy american chain or even to a tasty meal from a quality burger establishment.

Hopefully more people will buy from this place and then hot burritos and fajitas will become a normal part of the english working man's lunch.

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