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2003-06-30 05:37 UTC Diary of a Serpent Hunter Vol 1

There was a large group of us earlier but we got split up. We managed to find a bizarre place, an adventure land of sorts. There are big fluffy animals and children everywhere, it could be a ruse so we are staying on our toes. Sometime later we enquired about the Serpent and if anyone knew of it's location, people kept talking about an arena for battle, as if the serpent knew we were coming and was ready for us. We were even charged for entry.

On entering the arena, the door slammed shut and my companions were left outside. I am confident that I can slay this serpent but do not know what challenges I will face in the process. In the beginning several mosters attacked me, this is not unusual but as I killed them something strange happened, big rotating wheels upon the wall came up with symbols. I didn't really notice it until a ring came up and suddenly the supersticious ribbon I wear in my hear just vanished. I found it someplace and it was said to have mythical properties to protect me though I had never really noticed.

Suddenly before I could tell what was going on, more wheels appeared and then the Serpent roared into the arena. I looked up at it and it seemed so far away, but no, I had shrunk! I tried to talk but i could not, as if I had been silenced. Then i looked down in dismay and i saw frogs feet. Frogs feet! I had been turned into a frog or toad. My weapon was too heavy for me, all I could do was try and punch the serpent but it was so futile. They say "2 things enter, 1 thing leaves" ... well it looks like the Serpent could win this day. As it repeatedly attacked me I saw the light in it's eyes fade, it ran out of the will to attack me, but what could I do? If I do not kill it then I may not leave and there is a hefty price on it's head. I decided all I could do was kill the thing. I have been attacking it now relentlessly for nearly 2 days and it does not relent to my pitiful blows. I only pray that it will accept it's fate and lay down and die before another day passes and one of us starves to death.

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