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2003-06-29 07:12 UTC The GTC needs you!

Whilst chatting earlier about voidwars I had an idea. I have decided to document my idea here lest it be forgotton. It's actually not a bad idea, though i'm sure it won't be entirely easy to do well.

The problem: Currently trade in voidwars is done by a simple ebay system. People put up resources for auction and people bid on them. The resources always magically transfer around the place. The system has constraints to stop people sharing out resources but essentially it is not very realistic. One race attacking another can also be involved in a trade...which really wouldn't happen. Also it allows for a few crazy people to upset the balance in the universe by paying extreme prices for worthless goods.

The solution: I believe trade could be done with the GTC (Global Trading Comission). In the real world if we want to exchange currency (for instance) we would do it at the post office for a fixed rate. For goods we would go to a pawn broker. Whilst people do use ebay, it is more a novelty than a fixed reliable system. I believe the universe could be populated with trade outposts. A player could load a trade ship up and take it to one of these outposts and exchange resources for a fixed amount. The current trading conditions would be posted on a GTC section in the game and the rates would vary depending on supply/demand. The GTC outposts would be well protected and well armed due to the wealth of the GTC. Players could protect them to try and gain advantage over other players. It would even be possible for occasional special introductory rates etc or limited time offers.

The huge benefit in the current round is from fuel. It makes the game more interesting, tactical and realistic. I believe trade routes would do a similar thing. Cargo ships of different levels could hold more cargo and defend it better. People would have to defend the cargo during transit. Whilst it would take time to send and recieve the resources for a transaction, it would very comparable to the 24+ hours it takes to do an auction, possibly less, but with more risk due to the transit. People would cover trade routes with defences, possibly have warp gates to get from their home planet to the trade station quickly, defended at each end. Much would be possible. 1 race could even have preferential rates with the GTC as an advantage.

Anyway, here concludes the idea. No...i am not coding it :)

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