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2003-06-28 11:02 UTC Gaming antics

Claire and I have been playing a fair bit of Final Fantasy 7 recently. She's playing through it and i'm doing a little side stuff and some levelling up characters etc.

Earlier on today I got to Battle Arena with the intention of completing it and getting all the stuff. I got everything but W-SUMMON materia and was halfway to that. I let Claire have a go whilst I left the room...a foolish idea I now realise. Whilst fighting she had some negative status effects cast on her (once her accessory was broken) and she became frog/small/silence. She then fought the last boss of Battle Arena. We assumed that because she could only do 1 damage per turn that she would die. Sadly, just before killing her, the boss ran out of skill power....and couldn't continue to attack. We are left in the position of either turning off the ps2 and losing all my fine work (which is not an option) or continuing to fight this boss with several thousand health...doing 1 damage per turn.

After a small amount of deliberation, the solution was simple. Sarsons vinegar.

I should have blogged more recently but for some reason havent. The big recent news is that Claire got her degree results on Friday and she's got the 2:1 that she was after. It was a little bumpy for a few days but thankfully the result went our way. Hopefully I won't have to secretly go to church again any time soon :)

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