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2003-06-05 07:00 UTC Living Dead Girl

Well, as you'll now see, this website is not done entirely with php. It is better written though plus it's the new white/blue design. It's just how I want it actually, at least until the next time I decide to entirely redo the style. It's been a while since I started wuki though, and it was the black/blue design for quite a while. I'm not sure what my next project on the site will be. First I have to change all the pages to the new design. I've done most of it so far. Just the reviews and restaurant stuff to go. Makes me want the whole bloody thing to be in a database. If I was sensible, it would be.

Enjoying the first of 2 days off work before a weekend now. 4 days of no work. A nice prospect, though work has been fine recently, some time to have fun and sort out the flat is welcome. I was praying that the replacement tv i'd ordered would turn up tomorrow...but that seems very unlikely. Now i'm down to hoping it's Monday next week. I'd rather not have to take time off to wait for a tv.

Finally, i'm trying to sort out a new icon for wuki. I like the hacker representation of Ed from Cowboy Bebop, a naughty smiley. I've had a go and it was mediocre. Currently Kam is making one, we'll see which looks best. Come on Bargain Hunters, it could be a right bobby dazzler. *sigh*

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