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2003-06-04 05:42 UTC Dancing Barefoot

Today I caught up on some reading of Wil Wheaton's weblog, wilwheaton.net. I haven't been paying attention to it for a while which is pretty stupid of me, he's one of the funnier writers around. So anyway, he's set up a publishing company and released a book, "Dancing Barefoot" which Illiad of userfriendly.org thinks is good....and that's a geek thumbs up if ever I saw one. You can find information on it at Monolith Press and I think we should all order copies today. I'll hopefully be sending off an order fairly soon, but i'm really really broke...read on to find out why.

I got in last night to find Claire had broken my tv. My fairly good 24" widescreen tv. Oh well. So we ordered a very nice 28" flat widescreen to make up for it. Subsequently, we won't have much cash this month. It might even throw a spanner in the works of the summer holiday plans. It really just depends on when she gets a job I guess. All donations welcome.

Finally, the redesign for wuki.net is done, but it's not implemented yet. As i've got 2 days off work then the weekend, i'm certain it will get done today/tomorrow or very soon anyway. I love the way it's going to look, and Xiven shouldn't complain too much. In the end I didn't use any of his code and I couldn't even see his site from work as our web-monitoring software blocks his site. I've taken steps to get his site back on the allowed list, 2-3 days apparently. Hopefully next monday i'll be able to see it.

Well that's me done. I really should update this thing more often. I keep thinking of doing it but never get around to it. Oh well, Hixie, Xiven and Kam all seem to have a similar problem at least...

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