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2003-06-04 05:42 UTC Dancing Barefoot

Today I caught up on some reading of Wil Wheaton's weblog, wilwheaton.net. I haven't been paying attention to it for a while which is pretty stupid of me, he's one of the funnier writers around. So anyway, he's set up a publishing company and released a book, "Dancing Barefoot" which Illiad of userfriendly.org thinks is good....and that's a geek thumbs up if ever I saw one. You can find information on it at Monolith Press and I think we should all order copies today. I'll hopefully be sending off an order fairly soon, but i'm really really broke...read on to find out why.

I got in last night to find Claire had broken my tv. My fairly good 24" widescreen tv. Oh well. So we ordered a very nice 28" flat widescreen to make up for it. Subsequently, we won't have much cash this month. It might even throw a spanner in the works of the summer holiday plans. It really just depends on when she gets a job I guess. All donations welcome.

Finally, the redesign for wuki.net is done, but it's not implemented yet. As i've got 2 days off work then the weekend, i'm certain it will get done today/tomorrow or very soon anyway. I love the way it's going to look, and Xiven shouldn't complain too much. In the end I didn't use any of his code and I couldn't even see his site from work as our web-monitoring software blocks his site. I've taken steps to get his site back on the allowed list, 2-3 days apparently. Hopefully next monday i'll be able to see it.

Well that's me done. I really should update this thing more often. I keep thinking of doing it but never get around to it. Oh well, Hixie, Xiven and Kam all seem to have a similar problem at least...

2003-05-23 02:56 UTC New look

Looks like this weekend is the time to start the wuki redesign. The aim is to make my site entirely php based. It should be very web standards compliant, also it should be clean and tidy. I want to do those things other people have, a preferences menu to pick a style, a weblog which doesn't eat the internet ;), stuff like that. I'm going to be ripping off a fair bit of Xiven's Omoicore v0.2 to do it. I like the way his site is written and he doesn't mind if I take his code and rework it. I should be keeping nearly the same content, just with a few small additions and getting rid of a bit of useless stuff.

I also feel pretty crap today. Not entirely sure why but my body isn't entirely happy. Hopefully it'll pass pretty quickly. I'll entirely forget about how i'm feeling when I go see Matrix: Reloaded tonight. Really looking forward to it. I've heard very good things from my friends. Anyway, time I started writing some stuff.

2003-05-20 15:02 UTC Fat Bastard beats teen footballer

After work today, Karl, Gavin, Paul and myself met up for frisbee in the park. We did this last week when I got horribly injured twice. Well, not horribly injured :) It may reflect on Paul's performance review at work though. So anyway, we did the same tonight. Good wholesome outdoor fun. Then we kick a football around for a while until we're pretty fucking tired and 2 teenage kids come over and offer us a game, 2 vs 4. We figure it's something to do for a little while before we all head off. Plus 2 vs 4 isn't too hard for intelligent people like ourselves. So they're quite good, one especially so. We're winnind due to our numbers but if it was 2 on 2 they'd take any combination of us. During one exchange, their good player had the ball and was about halfway up the pitch, i move to try and get the ball off him...a futile gesture from my point of view....but it was fun. What resulted was me getting the ball off him and then scoring. This is the _only_ time in my life this has ever happened. Today is a good day to die.

In other news i've ordered a TFT monitor and a cd-rw/dvd drive. Yay. This will make my pc a finely tuned gaming and web-design device. Well, kinda....all but the user. Not much can be done for him. I also re-designed the look of firebomber.net this weekend and played some Half-Life ... to get me in the mood for Half-Life 2 later this year. So god damn good. Very cool game. The new project for me is a redesign of the look of wuki. It's not just making a new stylesheet though. I'm going to try and take Xiven.com's example and build a good looking clean site that's written properly and is very standards compliant. It's gonna take some work but i'm really looking forward to it. With Claire busy revising and working it'll get me through this weekend and whenever I take time off with no major stuff to do.

Well that's enough rambling for one night. Bedtime approaches. Later.

2003-05-11 15:17 UTC "Make like my pants, and split"

The title for this entry comes from the comic store guy in the Simpsons. Not me. Though I did put a hole in some trousers this weekend...it's entirely unrelated.

This weekend saw a resurgence in my love for science. Having spent a while reading a book by Richard Feynman I just felt that I had to get back involved with science in some way. That feeling has mainly passed...though i'm sure it'll slowly grow inside me. Especially if I keep reading these god damn books. I've never been hugely into books. It explains why my knowledge is all rather specific to the things i've studied. I'll take a good movie over a good book anyday. I mean imagine the Matrix as a book..."Trinity runs up a wall, kicks a guard and slowly spins around before kicking another guard." No fun.

Claire and I have been properly talking about the future recently. She will soon hopefully have a job. This should lead to us having cash. All sorts of things like joint bank accounts, getting engaged, spending huge amounts of cash on consumer electronics....all this stuff is possible in the near future. Anyway, I want to get to bed. There's some hard work to be done this week, and I need sleep to do it.

2003-05-03 03:47 UTC Two Armadillos

This week at work was pretty intense. Very glad to be on the back end of it and enjoying a 3 day weekend. Claire has to do some work though so not entirely sure what I should do. I'm seriously considering getting Midnight Club 2 on ps2. Whilst i'd rather wait for an xbox version, I can always take it back if I don't like it. Reviews suggest I will indeed like it. Other activities include going to see X-men 2...which will be done. Jesus, only 2 weeks til the Matrix sequel. Squeeeeeeeee. I truly can't wait for it. Only about once a year do I really look forward to going to the cinema, and this is probably the biggest yet. Maybe excluding watching the first matrix movie. The other big ones to come are Star Wars III and The 3rd El Mariachi/Desparado movie. Not sure if the latter is out this year or next.

So anyway, maybe it's time for some shopping. I should probably get this site up to date this weekend too. Add a few recipes and movies etc. We'll see what happens.

2003-04-21 15:48 UTC Bullets slide off you. You play with them.

It's been like a month since I blogged. All sorts of stuff has happened in the last month. Where to start...hmmm.

Tom has started a live journal. This has seemed pretty funny to me since he never used to be a very open person in some respects. It's amazing what getting a girlfriend can do to someone. It's about as fun to read as this is.... i.e. fun to read if you're one of about 3 people. Actually, all sorts of crazy people could read my blog. I know people at work will stumble across it from time to time. I hope they find it too dull to look into. Here's hoping.

I became a designer a few weeks ago. I got myself hired onto a project and i've been doing some higher level stuff than anything before at work. I have no idea how long it will last but it's great whilst i'm doing it. Great people and project. *Listens to Gary Oldman shout "EVERYONE" in Leon in the background and smiles*

This weekend was Easter weekend. Whilst many people would argue that the most important aspect involves Jesus and stuff....for myself it involved Snooker, sorting out the flat and also boating. Friday was a fab day. 6 of us (4 workers and 2 girlfriends) went down to the boating station in Bath and hired a big rowing boat. We had some fun for a while and eventually ended up in a pub garden. Very sunny day and good company. Afterwards Claire and I went to see "Bulletproof Monk" at a cinema in Bath. Whilst it's not a piece of cinematic history...it was entertaining and it nicely rounded off a very good day.

Since then it's been lazy time. The snooker world championships have started, which gets my attention. Also i've been cooking and sorting out the flat. Well, "we" have been sorting out the flat. Arranged the lounge really to my liking now...we just need some minor touches and it'll really rock. Still lacks an extension and a pool table...but i'll cope. I took up Chinese cooking yesterday, got a Wok etc and finally started expanding from just the Mexican/Indian/Italian stuff I do. First attempt was damn nice. I did cheat with an amoy sauce...but I always start by cheating. It helps me when I start doing it properly.

Well, that pretty much rounds up this weekend and some of my last month. Not sure how long my pool career will last with the encroaching summer. It's just getting too sunny and warm outside to spend it knocking balls around. Rather be shopping, admiring cute women or sitting in a park. Well, time for a shower and bed. Salut.

2003-03-22 08:01 UTC It's a growth industry

Well, it's been a long while since I did this. I'm not entirely sure why...I guess I just haven't had a lot to say in the last few weeks. I've had precious few pool victories to celebrate in the league...and my time has been spent not doing much.

The year is properly starting to pick up now. We're into some sunny days in March and ice cream is becoming more of a realistic life possibility. Yesterday featured cookies, pub, ice cream, pub. Where that's morning, lunch, afternoon and after work. Sooo good. I'm starting to think properly about time-off and the summer now. We don't really have the cash right now to be able to make proper plans. Im sure we could get some together by then but the main issue is that Claire graduates this summer and will be after getting a job. Still, once she does have a job we should be able to get away more often. Weekend breaks will be nice.

Coolest recent thing is my new phone. It's the Sony Ericsson P800. Powered by Symbian 7.0, it has a huge screen, big memory, can play mpeg4, mp3's etc. It has a camera, bluetooth, gprs and everything I need. Very cool. I've got PuTTY telnet on it and an irc client so far.

Anyway, things to be done.

2003-03-02 12:27 UTC Slow day

I guess all the fun of yesterday got to me so it's been the opposite today. Some laundry, playing with a cat that turned up and watching a bit of The Karate Kid III. Well, quite good on the relaxing front. I've also been sitting on voidwars all day carefully looking after my ships.

Finally got in touch with Mel today after hitting her answering machine repeatedly. I wanted to catch up with a few people this weekend just to put Friday in perspective. It's been ages since I chatted to her last, months and months. We've both just been doing the same stuff though. No big news that stands out since christmas or so. I think we're both looking forward to escaping our lives for a bit whenever it happens. She gets to have the summer off when her course ends and she can hop around Europe and Monaco (not a bad life). I get to do such things once Claire has an established job. If she gets one around the summer then be expecting a trip to Italy some time later in the year. There's quite a few places in Europe that I want to visit and i'm gonna start around then.

So yeah, glad to talk to her. Got the Escaflowne music on now and I might go ask claire for a massage as soon as i've finished ordering my ships around in voidwars. Very tempting prospect. She'll probably hurt me quite a lot but i'll say it felt nice... :)

2003-03-01 14:15 UTC Follow the Blue Monkey

I'm particularly proud of the title to this blog entry. I always like it when I think of a good one and this fucking rocks. Anyway...

Went to Bath instead of Bristol. Got annoyed with shops in Bath and ended up going to Bristol anyway. Got stuck on a bus for ages due to a fucking student protest (have I mentioned how much I hate students?) and finally got to play a bit of snooker. Then we went down to a little bar and restaurant called The Blue Monkey. I wanted to go in there on the basis of it's appearance having seen it before whilst playing snooker. Turned out to be a bar and italian restaurant. Who'd have thought it. So we had a really nice meal and then headed home. It's now my favourite place to eat in Bristol, though it's a small and exclusive list.

No huge plans for tomorrow. Maybe a little pool early on...maybe. I _really_ need the practice now i'm in division 1. I have no intention of going down this month. I know playing them is just what I need to get better at pool too, I always improve when my opponents are better. I must try and get a little practice in this week. Hopefully more snooker on Tuesday night and then pool Thursday and poker either Thursday or Friday. Gonna be an interesting and busy week. Be even better if I get better at pool and win the poker. Expect to find out, same time same channel batfans.

2003-03-01 04:39 UTC City Lights

Yesterday was pretty shit. I can't say why but it was. I don't want too many days like that in the rest of my life. Ugh.

Conversely I want a fun weekend. I need to put Friday behind me and just get on with a bit of fun. Got plans to go to Bristol today. We don't know why or what we're gonna do...but something. Getting away from Bath is the plan and Bristol is just about far enough away for it to be convenient :)

I'm thinking that I need some snooker practice or something today. It would be nice to take Claire along but she'd end up bored as fuck. I know I would in her place. Maybe just for an hour or so. I could do with it. Don't really plan on any shopping....no cash. Could go to the cinema...hmmm...I need to think about this before we get on a bus.

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