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2003-05-23 02:56 UTC New look

Looks like this weekend is the time to start the wuki redesign. The aim is to make my site entirely php based. It should be very web standards compliant, also it should be clean and tidy. I want to do those things other people have, a preferences menu to pick a style, a weblog which doesn't eat the internet ;), stuff like that. I'm going to be ripping off a fair bit of Xiven's Omoicore v0.2 to do it. I like the way his site is written and he doesn't mind if I take his code and rework it. I should be keeping nearly the same content, just with a few small additions and getting rid of a bit of useless stuff.

I also feel pretty crap today. Not entirely sure why but my body isn't entirely happy. Hopefully it'll pass pretty quickly. I'll entirely forget about how i'm feeling when I go see Matrix: Reloaded tonight. Really looking forward to it. I've heard very good things from my friends. Anyway, time I started writing some stuff.

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