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2003-05-20 15:02 UTC Fat Bastard beats teen footballer

After work today, Karl, Gavin, Paul and myself met up for frisbee in the park. We did this last week when I got horribly injured twice. Well, not horribly injured :) It may reflect on Paul's performance review at work though. So anyway, we did the same tonight. Good wholesome outdoor fun. Then we kick a football around for a while until we're pretty fucking tired and 2 teenage kids come over and offer us a game, 2 vs 4. We figure it's something to do for a little while before we all head off. Plus 2 vs 4 isn't too hard for intelligent people like ourselves. So they're quite good, one especially so. We're winnind due to our numbers but if it was 2 on 2 they'd take any combination of us. During one exchange, their good player had the ball and was about halfway up the pitch, i move to try and get the ball off him...a futile gesture from my point of view....but it was fun. What resulted was me getting the ball off him and then scoring. This is the _only_ time in my life this has ever happened. Today is a good day to die.

In other news i've ordered a TFT monitor and a cd-rw/dvd drive. Yay. This will make my pc a finely tuned gaming and web-design device. Well, kinda....all but the user. Not much can be done for him. I also re-designed the look of firebomber.net this weekend and played some Half-Life ... to get me in the mood for Half-Life 2 later this year. So god damn good. Very cool game. The new project for me is a redesign of the look of wuki. It's not just making a new stylesheet though. I'm going to try and take Xiven.com's example and build a good looking clean site that's written properly and is very standards compliant. It's gonna take some work but i'm really looking forward to it. With Claire busy revising and working it'll get me through this weekend and whenever I take time off with no major stuff to do.

Well that's enough rambling for one night. Bedtime approaches. Later.

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