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2003-05-11 15:17 UTC "Make like my pants, and split"

The title for this entry comes from the comic store guy in the Simpsons. Not me. Though I did put a hole in some trousers this weekend...it's entirely unrelated.

This weekend saw a resurgence in my love for science. Having spent a while reading a book by Richard Feynman I just felt that I had to get back involved with science in some way. That feeling has mainly passed...though i'm sure it'll slowly grow inside me. Especially if I keep reading these god damn books. I've never been hugely into books. It explains why my knowledge is all rather specific to the things i've studied. I'll take a good movie over a good book anyday. I mean imagine the Matrix as a book..."Trinity runs up a wall, kicks a guard and slowly spins around before kicking another guard." No fun.

Claire and I have been properly talking about the future recently. She will soon hopefully have a job. This should lead to us having cash. All sorts of things like joint bank accounts, getting engaged, spending huge amounts of cash on consumer electronics....all this stuff is possible in the near future. Anyway, I want to get to bed. There's some hard work to be done this week, and I need sleep to do it.

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