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2003-05-03 03:47 UTC Two Armadillos

This week at work was pretty intense. Very glad to be on the back end of it and enjoying a 3 day weekend. Claire has to do some work though so not entirely sure what I should do. I'm seriously considering getting Midnight Club 2 on ps2. Whilst i'd rather wait for an xbox version, I can always take it back if I don't like it. Reviews suggest I will indeed like it. Other activities include going to see X-men 2...which will be done. Jesus, only 2 weeks til the Matrix sequel. Squeeeeeeeee. I truly can't wait for it. Only about once a year do I really look forward to going to the cinema, and this is probably the biggest yet. Maybe excluding watching the first matrix movie. The other big ones to come are Star Wars III and The 3rd El Mariachi/Desparado movie. Not sure if the latter is out this year or next.

So anyway, maybe it's time for some shopping. I should probably get this site up to date this weekend too. Add a few recipes and movies etc. We'll see what happens.

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