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2003-04-21 15:48 UTC Bullets slide off you. You play with them.

It's been like a month since I blogged. All sorts of stuff has happened in the last month. Where to start...hmmm.

Tom has started a live journal. This has seemed pretty funny to me since he never used to be a very open person in some respects. It's amazing what getting a girlfriend can do to someone. It's about as fun to read as this is.... i.e. fun to read if you're one of about 3 people. Actually, all sorts of crazy people could read my blog. I know people at work will stumble across it from time to time. I hope they find it too dull to look into. Here's hoping.

I became a designer a few weeks ago. I got myself hired onto a project and i've been doing some higher level stuff than anything before at work. I have no idea how long it will last but it's great whilst i'm doing it. Great people and project. *Listens to Gary Oldman shout "EVERYONE" in Leon in the background and smiles*

This weekend was Easter weekend. Whilst many people would argue that the most important aspect involves Jesus and stuff....for myself it involved Snooker, sorting out the flat and also boating. Friday was a fab day. 6 of us (4 workers and 2 girlfriends) went down to the boating station in Bath and hired a big rowing boat. We had some fun for a while and eventually ended up in a pub garden. Very sunny day and good company. Afterwards Claire and I went to see "Bulletproof Monk" at a cinema in Bath. Whilst it's not a piece of cinematic history...it was entertaining and it nicely rounded off a very good day.

Since then it's been lazy time. The snooker world championships have started, which gets my attention. Also i've been cooking and sorting out the flat. Well, "we" have been sorting out the flat. Arranged the lounge really to my liking now...we just need some minor touches and it'll really rock. Still lacks an extension and a pool table...but i'll cope. I took up Chinese cooking yesterday, got a Wok etc and finally started expanding from just the Mexican/Indian/Italian stuff I do. First attempt was damn nice. I did cheat with an amoy sauce...but I always start by cheating. It helps me when I start doing it properly.

Well, that pretty much rounds up this weekend and some of my last month. Not sure how long my pool career will last with the encroaching summer. It's just getting too sunny and warm outside to spend it knocking balls around. Rather be shopping, admiring cute women or sitting in a park. Well, time for a shower and bed. Salut.

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