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2003-03-22 08:01 UTC It's a growth industry

Well, it's been a long while since I did this. I'm not entirely sure why...I guess I just haven't had a lot to say in the last few weeks. I've had precious few pool victories to celebrate in the league...and my time has been spent not doing much.

The year is properly starting to pick up now. We're into some sunny days in March and ice cream is becoming more of a realistic life possibility. Yesterday featured cookies, pub, ice cream, pub. Where that's morning, lunch, afternoon and after work. Sooo good. I'm starting to think properly about time-off and the summer now. We don't really have the cash right now to be able to make proper plans. Im sure we could get some together by then but the main issue is that Claire graduates this summer and will be after getting a job. Still, once she does have a job we should be able to get away more often. Weekend breaks will be nice.

Coolest recent thing is my new phone. It's the Sony Ericsson P800. Powered by Symbian 7.0, it has a huge screen, big memory, can play mpeg4, mp3's etc. It has a camera, bluetooth, gprs and everything I need. Very cool. I've got PuTTY telnet on it and an irc client so far.

Anyway, things to be done.

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