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2003-03-02 12:27 UTC Slow day

I guess all the fun of yesterday got to me so it's been the opposite today. Some laundry, playing with a cat that turned up and watching a bit of The Karate Kid III. Well, quite good on the relaxing front. I've also been sitting on voidwars all day carefully looking after my ships.

Finally got in touch with Mel today after hitting her answering machine repeatedly. I wanted to catch up with a few people this weekend just to put Friday in perspective. It's been ages since I chatted to her last, months and months. We've both just been doing the same stuff though. No big news that stands out since christmas or so. I think we're both looking forward to escaping our lives for a bit whenever it happens. She gets to have the summer off when her course ends and she can hop around Europe and Monaco (not a bad life). I get to do such things once Claire has an established job. If she gets one around the summer then be expecting a trip to Italy some time later in the year. There's quite a few places in Europe that I want to visit and i'm gonna start around then.

So yeah, glad to talk to her. Got the Escaflowne music on now and I might go ask claire for a massage as soon as i've finished ordering my ships around in voidwars. Very tempting prospect. She'll probably hurt me quite a lot but i'll say it felt nice... :)

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