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2003-03-01 14:15 UTC Follow the Blue Monkey

I'm particularly proud of the title to this blog entry. I always like it when I think of a good one and this fucking rocks. Anyway...

Went to Bath instead of Bristol. Got annoyed with shops in Bath and ended up going to Bristol anyway. Got stuck on a bus for ages due to a fucking student protest (have I mentioned how much I hate students?) and finally got to play a bit of snooker. Then we went down to a little bar and restaurant called The Blue Monkey. I wanted to go in there on the basis of it's appearance having seen it before whilst playing snooker. Turned out to be a bar and italian restaurant. Who'd have thought it. So we had a really nice meal and then headed home. It's now my favourite place to eat in Bristol, though it's a small and exclusive list.

No huge plans for tomorrow. Maybe a little pool early on...maybe. I _really_ need the practice now i'm in division 1. I have no intention of going down this month. I know playing them is just what I need to get better at pool too, I always improve when my opponents are better. I must try and get a little practice in this week. Hopefully more snooker on Tuesday night and then pool Thursday and poker either Thursday or Friday. Gonna be an interesting and busy week. Be even better if I get better at pool and win the poker. Expect to find out, same time same channel batfans.

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