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2003-03-01 04:39 UTC City Lights

Yesterday was pretty shit. I can't say why but it was. I don't want too many days like that in the rest of my life. Ugh.

Conversely I want a fun weekend. I need to put Friday behind me and just get on with a bit of fun. Got plans to go to Bristol today. We don't know why or what we're gonna do...but something. Getting away from Bath is the plan and Bristol is just about far enough away for it to be convenient :)

I'm thinking that I need some snooker practice or something today. It would be nice to take Claire along but she'd end up bored as fuck. I know I would in her place. Maybe just for an hour or so. I could do with it. Don't really plan on any shopping....no cash. Could go to the cinema...hmmm...I need to think about this before we get on a bus.

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