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2003-02-26 06:02 UTC I feel so ill right now

During the last 3 days I haven't managed much sleep. I played C&C:Generals a little too much over the weekend and was subsequently seeing tanks whilst trying to sleep. I was somewhat better last night though i'm probably on around 10/11 hours for the last 3 nights. To cap it all off, I had the biggest match of my IPL pool league career today. I did win, and have secured promotion to division 1 (the top division) but it wasn't fun. It was so far removed from fun that I could have thrown up after the match. It was the longest, crappest, safety pool i've ever seen. My opponent is well known for using filth (the art of safety) but i'm no slouch either. It all dragged out, we forgot how to pot balls and I even went in-off the black in the second frame, the black that would have secured promotion. I then had to win the last frame for promotion...and it was shit. Anyway, I want to go crawl under a rock for a few hours but I can't really. I might as well just be happy that i'm being promoted rather than dwell on how i've just destoryed every bit of confidence I ever had in my pool ability. Nice.

On another note, Mike was in Italy a few days ago. What the hell was that about? I'll find out later...though I am intrigued. Frankly, he should have invited me :)

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