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2003-02-21 04:31 UTC All he does is bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch :)

You'll probably find a very similar response given by Allan. I haven't decided what i'm going to write. This is in response to this post on Hixie's natural log.

I kinda agree with Allan. If we're only allowed to use the % and em options then why would the others be possible? For one thing you're out of your mind using a 1600x1200 res on a 15" screen but that's beside the point. You laptop will last about a year like that (if the harddisk survives). Sadly though, I do see your point. I do believe that if stupid people want to have stupid setups and still be able to read my blog, then they should be able to.

Still, I've always thought you'd have more luck in convincing people that you're view is the right one if you didn't start out with "Here is a list of names of people who are WRONG" :) . How many times have you lost bets to me because you believed that you were right so strongly that you thought you'd get a free lunch...and to Mike for that matter. Though yes, em and % are the way forward. Like Allan though, it's more of a guideline than a Nazi rule.

Yay...lunch at the all you can eat chinese restaurant in Bath now....sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Shame i'm not very hungry. Maybe i'll have less than 5 plates today.

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