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2003-02-18 13:26 UTC Get ready for this

For some reason i'm sitting around listening to lots of 2 unlimited tonight. Not really my thing but I loved it back in the day and it's still great now. I had a good weekend, played some C&C Generals, usual stuff. Good game, lots of fun. I even starting making my own map which i've sent into cnc-sector.com to maybe host on their site. I could host it myself but who is gonna look on wuki for a Generals map? :)

Wow, I forgot they did the Mortal Kombat theme...this fuckin rocks. I love you 2 unlimited. They made so much money of cheap synth sounds. MOORRRTAL KOMBAAATTTTT!

For probably the same strange reason i'm also watching football. This is a real shock. It's just the best thing on right now and it's good quality...i've got it quiet and i'm not really paying attention to it. Still, it _is_ on. Not really got anything else done tonight. I didn't really have much to do but sitting at my pc is becoming a little too regular. Stupid adsl.

What else, pool is still good though I lost my first game of the month today. I played well but it wasn't to be. More following in the next few days so i've got to pick it up a bit and get some points. It's my month god dammit and i'm gonna win. Anyway, I suddenly feel hungry so it's food time. Later.

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