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2003-02-14 15:21 UTC First signs of ice in Hell

Tom knows a girl. Not too suprising. Tom sees girls in cosplay at cons and tells me about it. All the fucking time. Tom tells me he's invited a girl over to see him and she's coming. Fuck. Tom points me to a weblog where i see that she's really looking forward to it. First signs of ice in hell.

I guess I feel better than ever about couples this weekend. It's valentines day and I don't give a shit. I love my life and my relationship. It's so damn good that we can just ignore valentines day and settle for romance on the other 364 days and neither of us will give a second thought to it. Everyone (James) in my office has mentioned that she'll be expecting or demanding gifts and that i'm a fool. They just don't really get it. Love isn't cards, and it's not chocolates. This time I have a special feeling of happiness and amusement. Tom likes a girl. Why do I find this funny? For sooooo long I've been telling him that there are girls out there who might like him. He's never agreed. That makes him wrong. She likes him....so much so that she had the guts to tell him so...which I respect (from knowing what it's like) and I think it's good because I know what kind of guy tom is. I guess I qualify as best friend. It's not that I don't want to...it's just that Tom doesn't really do friendships in the way regular people do. He just doesn't like people unless he likes them. See the problem? He also tends to lose touch with people unless it's easy or he lives with them. Thank you msn messenger. The other reason I guess i'm best friend is because I really do care. Much the same with Mike and Hixie etc, I really care about them, cus they're great people. Same with Tom.

So anyway, he knows a girl and I think it's really funny. Probably the funniest aspect is that she admit's that she's shy on her weblog. You know what they say about the quiet ones...and tom's a quiet one too. Given that they both wach hentai...they're sufficiently liberal enough to make it damn funny. I can't wait to see where it goes. It's my soap opera from now on. The best thing....is that her personality cv reads like a dream...especially for tom. I dig it too, but i'm not into cosplay etc. Hell, any girl who refers to Tina from DOA2 on her weblog must be good. Thankfully Claire would now know who Tina is so i'm getting somewhere with her education :). This girl also likes manga/anime/hentai/videogames/movies. I like the movie aspect even more than tom would....probably because i'm a huge movie fan. Still, if it's after 1980 and involes violence or scifi then he's probably seen it.

So yeah, he's met a girl and she sounds about perfect. Good job. I'll probably get asked for advice once he realises that it's not all a big joke and he needs to get a clue fairly fast. Besides, he gave me some when I first knew Claire as he was there at the time. I should repay the favour...I have the benefit of a good track record too. One thing I would say now though...preferably to her...is that I always found ordering him to do things was the best method. If he doesn't want to do something he'll be hugely against it, if he's open to the idea then he'll be apathetic. If you order him too...then he will actually put on his shoes (or walk barefoot) and go up the hill to the chippie with you. Ordering is just the easiest way of getting him to do what is best for him.

Chatting to Tom and reading her weblog I realise one thing. Neither of them has a thing to worry about. If ever there were two people made from the same mould...this was them. Funny thing is they'll both be giddy as a schoolgirl the more the weekend approaches. That's how you know it's good too. I used to get that all the time. I don't miss going home on the bus hurting like hell at 1am as all the nervous energy took it's toll, but finding out what relationships were all about was fun. Still, I like the current thing even more.. :)

Oh, one more thing. Never ask him a loaded question like "does my bum look big in this?" You will always ALWAYS get an honest answer. Beware.

Anyway, here endeth the lesson. I'll be having a fun weekend blowing up tanks and stuff in my new game, watching claire get better at Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball and praying to God that those two have a good weekend. Right now I feel like Vash the Stampeed with a box of 50 donuts. "Thank you insurance girls!!!!!!!!!"

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