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2003-02-11 06:07 UTC I'm going to hell

Ok, thanks to an old weblog entry, 3 major search engines now find this weblog when you search for "baby tits" (including quotes). You'll note that the actual entry had "Tits baby" repeated and hence caused this. What a fool I am. With the state of the world today I have about a week before my pc will get taken and i'll be put in jail. To make matters worse, i've said it again...in this entry. Now they have real proof. D'oh.

It's been a while since I blogged so I might aswell make this count. I'm currently learning C++ at work, and a little at home. Hixie's been on at me to help with his monopoly thing. Whilst I've got to learn the language first...it's not a bad idea. Pity him when I get C&C:Generals on Friday and don't do anything else for 2 weeks. It is Valentines on Friday though...and whilst I loathe the tradition, it would be a bit harsh if I sat at my pc for the whole night. Not buying a card though....something James disagrees with me on.

Now is a good time to mention James. He works in my office (or rather I work in his....he's older), he recently found my weblog and more importantly he disagrees with me. Yes...that sentence should end there. One of the reasons I like this office is that in general, James and I fundamentally disagree...unless it's a serious thing or it involves work. It serves to make life fun. Currently I have the upper-hand as he has a mobile phone which looks like a box of milk tray, it really is _that_ purple and _that_ shiny. What's really sad though, is he's starting to really like it. Denial is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, snooker playing tonight in Bristol if all goes to plan. It's been a long time and this should be all it takes to destroy my confidence and make me want to give up on pool too. Yay.

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