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2003-02-11 06:07 UTC I'm going to hell

Ok, thanks to an old weblog entry, 3 major search engines now find this weblog when you search for "baby tits" (including quotes). You'll note that the actual entry had "Tits baby" repeated and hence caused this. What a fool I am. With the state of the world today I have about a week before my pc will get taken and i'll be put in jail. To make matters worse, i've said it again...in this entry. Now they have real proof. D'oh.

It's been a while since I blogged so I might aswell make this count. I'm currently learning C++ at work, and a little at home. Hixie's been on at me to help with his monopoly thing. Whilst I've got to learn the language first...it's not a bad idea. Pity him when I get C&C:Generals on Friday and don't do anything else for 2 weeks. It is Valentines on Friday though...and whilst I loathe the tradition, it would be a bit harsh if I sat at my pc for the whole night. Not buying a card though....something James disagrees with me on.

Now is a good time to mention James. He works in my office (or rather I work in his....he's older), he recently found my weblog and more importantly he disagrees with me. Yes...that sentence should end there. One of the reasons I like this office is that in general, James and I fundamentally disagree...unless it's a serious thing or it involves work. It serves to make life fun. Currently I have the upper-hand as he has a mobile phone which looks like a box of milk tray, it really is _that_ purple and _that_ shiny. What's really sad though, is he's starting to really like it. Denial is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, snooker playing tonight in Bristol if all goes to plan. It's been a long time and this should be all it takes to destroy my confidence and make me want to give up on pool too. Yay.

2003-01-28 05:51 UTC 2003...scary

Well now, it's 2003. Ok, it has been for a month but it's still scary. Looks like I won't be going up to division 1 in the pool but i'm still not sure. Had a good relaxing weekend, played lots of Super MonkeyBall and now i'm awaiting delivery of Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Sweeeeeeeet.

Going to try and take a time off work this week as Claire's not up to anything for consolidation week. It would be nice to get out of Bath for a bit, though I don't think it's a feasible plan. Shame. We're also looking into getting all signed up for a snooker club in bristol so regular thursday pool nights will be augmented by regular snooker/9-ball sessions. It should improve our pool somewhat. That's the plan anyway.

Well, off to work. Go play voidwars or something and leave me alone.

2003-01-22 15:16 UTC Kings of Pool

I've been in the IPL pool league for some time now. I started in division 3 (of 7) and promptly went down to div 4 in the summer of 2001. I took a break for a while after getting up to div 2 over a year or so. I re-entered a few months later in div 2 and that's where I have been since (for the last few months). Last month I was on the verge of going to div 1 and got robbed of it. This month i'm up there again with a good chance. I'm not one to count my eggs etc, but here's hoping. Final game of the month for me tomorrow, i'll be praying.

In other news....hmm....not much is going on. I did find the idea of the US using an EMP weapon against Iraq pretty cool. Pretty odd that the bbc reported it as a "man made lightning bolt" which really misses the point. Kind of like a giant plasma ball or something. Still, i'm all for it if they add cool Matrix-esque effects to the news footage.

Finally, I cooked a badass curry tonight. Last night it was a badass mexican meal and tonight the curry. I used the power of garam masala, fresh corriander and some coconut to make it really rather nice. Lentils too, I have to convert claire to liking Lentils. They're so damn good and oh so cheap. One day. And ffs, she won't fucking stop playing tetris on this replacement phone i've given her from Karl (friend at work). She has exams and she's just playing tetris 24/7. Women!

2003-01-20 08:43 UTC Amusing Headline

I just noticed a story on the BBC News site which made me laugh because of the headline. It's not a funny story, just a slightly comedy headline if you went to university with the same sort of people as me.

Historic Australian Observatory Gutted

2003-01-19 13:16 UTC ooh, little pictures

I seem to be back up to full blogging speed. By now this page should look much the same as the rest of wuki. Well it does to me anyway. I've got the blog style sorted, updated some of the content and mainly sorted out my images section to now use the new database that i've made. This is easily the best thing i've done to wuki in a while. Oh, i've also got the restaurant thing up here. Quite a good few days.

The weekend besides this was fairly dull. I didn't really have anything to do and it's showed. I was planning on some cooking but we've had a new cooker delivered (old one was too old so Landlord has replaced it) but it doesn't reach the power cable. It's getting connected up tomorrow sometime which is ok, it's just meant that it was a take-away weekend. I did finally catch up with Mike (it's been about a month...and if you were him, which you might be, you'd realise that it's too long :) got that?) which was cool. He doesn't have any exams for a while which is a big plus.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow so i'd better sort myself out. Here's hoping that there's a new underpower strip up.

2003-01-17 14:50 UTC Piiiiiiiiiiing

Strictly this isn't a proper blog entry. Well, it half is. It's kinda a test but also a chance for me to reflect on getting loads done. Stuff I mentioned in my earlier post. Quite a bit of it is done/in progress. Working on the image database now. Got the restaurant one up here (though it needs a little work on style) and i've been doing a few more recipes and reviews. General updating really. I'm gonna try and get my blog in the wuki.net groove too. Might look a little weird though. I kinda like it as it is but I want to see how it works in style

2003-01-17 04:24 UTC and I thought I was bad..

I'm not the worlds greatest web designer. I like to do a reasonably good job though i'll never write a site which Hixie will approve of (probably).

Looking on www.xiven.com, I found a weblog entry which proves that i'm not as bad as some people. Im my opinion, this isn't just bad webdesign, it's a fucking disgrace, albeit funny.

2003-01-16 06:07 UTC Not just a troll

I am a fan of HTML. This is a simple truth. Until recently i'd never bothered to work out what the x stood for in xml/xhtml etc. I figured it was xylophone as it's pretty much the only word beginning with x. (I may be wrong..) So anyway, at work i'm reading all about xml which has now lead on to learning about xhtml and metadata and the uses of these etc. It's a book by Goldfarb so he knows what he's talking about too.

Reading all this stuff is leading me to believe in the point of them. Whilst I adopted use of css I never truly understood it, though I guess that's not necessary to use it in a simple way. I got the basics and the reason why I should use it. I never intend to go back to having style and content in the same file of a document. With XHTML2 coming up I think it's probably a good time for me to look into the standards so I can adopt them and play with them.

I'm a big fan of syntax checking and people not being allowed to put up documents on the net unless the syntax is correct. It'll really help to simplify matters and god forbid stop browsers doing everything so differently. I'm sure we'll never get rid of that, well, unless we only have one browser left. I love how netscape had a bug where if you declared 2 header blocks it would show both of them, kind of like a little animation. People then started deliberately using 2 to get the effect.

So anyway, in conclusion...I am in favour of XHTML2. I bet the working group now feels some sense of pride...

2003-01-15 15:18 UTC I tawt i taw a puddytat, i did i did i did

Today's puddytat is a little black one with some white patches. It's very cute, quite young and will either cuddle you or try and hit you with a paw. Still, beats watching conspiracy theory for an evenings entertainment

2003-01-15 05:05 UTC Under Power

I have a few things to say in this blog as it's been quite a while. The first and most important is to tell you to read Under Power as it's a kickass comic that i've just started reading (going through the archives at the moment). Secondly i'm back to being off-charge at work with training etc to do. Due to a lack of training materials i've started looking into XML this morning as I really don't know as much as I should about it.

I'm trying to think of other little projects I can do whilst (or to supplement) my training. It's really quite hard, and not recommended to read books about programming for 7.5 hours a day, especially if it's not very interesting. I think i'd like to do a php/database driven photo section for wuki. It sure as hell would beat the system I use right now. I don't really recall much about mysql and php though but it shouldn't take me long to pick it up again. It would be especially useful as I now have the little watch camera and Claire has a new digital camera which is pretty cool.

I've got about a week and a half before I intend to take a day or two off work. No big plans yet besides Claire not having anymore exams to do and getting a week off. Still, we need to properly celebrate her recent 21st birthday so something is bound to happen. This aside from this are pretty much the same. Hixie now seems obsessed with Vice City. Something I can relate to but I haven't played it in a while. I got over 90% complete or something and it was only leaving some things I couldn't be bothered to do. Some of them are a little too pointless for anyone over the age of 15.

But anyway, hopefully we should be seeing more blogging and more development of wuki in general for a few weeks. I'll also get around to adding stuff for all the new restaurants i've been to recently into the database.

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